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Hi There

As much as I’ve enjoyed having my own personal Website, I’d like to say that I’ve decided to discontinue for the time being.

There are many reasons for this with the main ones being the inability to keep the site current and updated along with the extra running costs of the website itself.

Being that I have Author profiles at as well as Goodreads, where interested visitors can find me, I do not feel the need to carry on here as well. I believe an authors website should be kept up to date with current events and news of the author and I fear I have sadly neglected that end this past year.

I will continue to write books to publish and I feel my time will be better spent at this moment in time on that end.

Thank you  Marianne Theresa

 Hello! Welcome to my Author site.

I’m an Aussie Author and this is where friends and readers can find out what I do and write about.


Arial View of beautiful Uluru in Central Australia.

Some writers are prolific with their writing and are churning out quite a few novels Short, long and otherwise, at an outstanding rate of knots! Unfortunately, I’m not as speedy as that – so the wait between my works has been considerable. Now, this could be seen as a good or a bad thing.

Kata tjuta - formally known as The Olgas. Central Australia

Kata tjuta – formally known as The Olgas. Central Australia



Nobody has more or less of life to live than another person, and we all live it differently. Working a day job and having a friendly home where family and friends pop in at varied times, sometimes, things have to give to accommodate those special moments. While a few of my writing peers feel these gatherings encroach on their personal writing time, (and they are probably right)  🙂 I on the other hand, like to think these interludes enrich my living and my well-being, and therefore my writing experiences.  (It’s amazing what you learn over a cup of tea or coffee – or 2.)   😉


Beautiful skies for my Angels

At the moment I’m working on a Series called – “When Angels Fall”  A collection of stories about what happens when Angels get time to come and rub shoulders with mortals. Funny, sexy, dark, sad and a little moving.

I’m currently editing Book #1 of the series – Lizzy’s Victory.


My Book – Number 13 is HERE!

For those who have been following this exciting series, Buckley’s Chance is now available Written by Queensland author Noelle Clark. And this past couple of months has been wonderful for my book,  Joanie’s Dilemma, as each book arrives. Here’s a snap shot of  the 2 last books in the series in July, standing at no 1 & no 2 in the Amazon Kindle bookstore.





Joanie's Dilemma MTThat’s right, my recent E-Book release Joanie’s Dilemma has hit Number 1 in Amazon Best Sellers List. Whooo hooo.

I am completely surprised and delighted and very thankful to the readers who have purchased this book so far.

And I have to say I’ve been in good company with several other Novels in the Bindarra Creek Series right there at my side on several occasions.

Keep your eye out for the release at the end of this month for Buckley’s Chance by Noelle Clarke. Pop over to Amazon and pre-order your copy now 🙂



Come and Visit Bindarra Creek

With the Rural Romance series of Bindarra Creek one of the most popular Series in Outback Australia Romance (with many stories topping the Amazon Charts), come and join me on a tour around Bindarra Creek.

The township was the brainchild of several of the B Ck authors when they got together and planned a town. From there Bindarra Creek was taken over by characters, from 13 different stories as each author plotted where their characters lived, worked and played. There were times when the town came alive for the writers and some of us wanted to move there.

So – I’m going to start in town with the famous Cyprus Cafe, owned by Thea & Stavros Levonis. This is the cafe to go to for wonderful coffee and Thea’s infamous Baklava, that had a mention in several stories. It’s a favourite meeting place for quite a few of the girls in B Ck. Across the road is the Doctor’s Surgery, where Doc Warner has been looking after the health of the town folk for what seems forever, which is why he was eternally grateful when Doctor Karen Hill joined his team originally as a locum, then decided to stay. A female doctor has been greatly welcomed amongst the women of B Ck.

Mar 2016 Bindarra Creek Map for Books

If you continue East along Main Street you come to the chemist, owned by Dave Porter and where Joanie Edwards – from Bk#12 Joanie’s Dilemma – works. As you turn the corner and follow the shops on either side of Main Street, you’ll see many occupied and some for lease, whereas in other parts of town shop windows are boarded up. With the town going through dramatic changes, thanks to the initiative from the Government to rejuvenate small towns which was introduced in Story #1 Bindarra Creek Makeover by Tessa Gibson, parts of the town are enjoying a revitalisation. More tourists are venturing to the country to enjoy relaxing get-a-ways, and with the revamp they have a choice of places to stay – the Fig-Tree Lodge, run by Dodge’s Grannie, Edwina Lette and on Mt Ingall’s Road- the Akuna Motel. If you continue down past the Cenotaph to the corner of Court and Main Street you come to the Royal Hotel, owned by Ryland & Margery Johnson, Nash Johnson from Joanie’s Dilemma, his mum & dad. This is where Joanie gets the opportunity to make a difference to another of B Ck’s aged hotels. I don’t want to give away any spoilers, so you’ll have to read  Joanie’s Dilemma to find out 🙂 And if you want to find out what kind of exciting events the CWA ladies have organised for B Ck,  then you have to read, Bk #9 One More Day.

You’ll notice that Mt Ingall’s Road runs East to West through the town. Do you see those vacant blocks of land opposite the RSL? Well that’s where the resident donkey Tails is ajisted for a short time, until his owner Makishi finds a permanent home for him. Now- if you go west you come to the Vineyards, Bk #10 The Vine, if you travel east, you come to: Stevie Ryan’s out-door adventure program for kids, in Bk#5 Reach for the Stars, then on to Bindarra Downs, in Bk #2 Shadows Of The Heart, as well as Craigellachie, in Bk #3 Second Chance Love. Cecil Crawford also lives out that way, in Bk #13 Buckley’s Chance. There’s a Truck-stop/take-away run by Beth Roget from Bk #4 CEO Mechanic and what rural town wouldn’t be complete without a Vet and you’ll learn all about that in Bk #8 Tempting Fate.

Okay, are you having fun yet? 🙂 Let’s follow River Road around towards Kingfisher Bridge. Here, you’ll pass Nash’s house, on the corner opposite Ingalls’ Estate, where Architect Mark Bradford finds employment in Bk #11  The Ghost of his Past. Now, just before we head over Kingfisher Bridge, on the right you’ll see the Riverside Pub, this glorious old hotel gets an amazing face lift in Bk # 6 Home to Bindarra Creek. This story is also where we are introduced to Curly the cockatoo (who swears like a sailor), and Old Man Jake, (Curly’s owner).

Going west out along Bindarra Creek Road, you come to Swallows Bridge, passing the place under the large shady trees, where Joanie often pulls over if she needs some time out to think or just wind down. Keep driving and Bellview Stables are on your right. Bk #7  Stolen Sanctuary. There are so many other characters and adventures just waiting for you to come and meet. I am sure this tour will help guide you through the stories as you read each one 🙂

Timeline_Cover_FB 13

Mar 2016 Bindarra Creek Map for Books

I hope you have enjoyed this tiny insight into our wonderful town of Bindarra Creek. Come and meet all the characters and read their stories.

I can’t believe it’s been five whole months since I welcomed in the new year and found a chance to update my news here. And it was all because I moved house after 24 years, which in itself was a huge effort. Since settling in to our new abode – which I love – I’ve been busy getting book # 12 in the Bindarra Creek series – Joanie’s Dilemma – finished.

Thank fully we’re almost there. Joanie's Dilemma MT

Today I’d like to share my new cover and Blurb:

As far as small town gossip goes, Joanie believes she’s crossed the line. Working out how to pay back her late husband’s gambling debts didn’t include sleeping with her best friend’s cousin on the night of the funeral.

Nash Johnson isn’t the marrying kind, so when he does offer marriage after their one night together, Joanie is suspicious and wants no part in alleviating the man’s guilt. She has to move on with her life and look to the future.

But when a new woman arrives in town, she sets more than a cat among the pigeons. For Joanie, trust takes on a new meaning, but who can she depend on when she feels those close to her have let her down. Can she trust her best friend, can she trust the man who says he loves her?

Then just when she thinks the future is full of promise a surprising complication arises, and nothing  prepares her for the life changing consequence she never saw coming.

Joanie’s Dilemma will be available from Amazon on the 28th June 2016.





DECEMBER 19th 2015

This series is smokin’ at the e-book shops. And now BOOK # 6 IS OUT 

HOME TO BINDARRA CREEK © Juanita Kees When fate brings together two lost souls, it’s time to leave the shadows behind and come home to Bindarra Creek

Park Ranger, Alice Pritchard lives with the ghosts of her past. As long as she has her rescued wildlife to rehabilitate and Bindarra Creek parks to care for, she’ll never need a man again. Now, with rejuvenation of the town in the pipeline, she has no choice but to let go of the past.

Dan Molyneaux roars into her life in his high-powered V8 and reopens the River Bridge Pub forcing her to face her ghosts, his possum problem, Curly the cockatoo who swears like a sailor, Old Man Jake who’s appointed himself caretaker of the property, and Grandad Charlie who’s determined to find her the man he thinks she deserves. Alice would love to ignore them all and keep living in the cocoon she’s created for herself in sleepy Bindarra Creek, but fate has other plans for her.

Dan isn’t looking for love or the friendship of the two crazy old men who appear to have ‘adopted’ him. All he wanted was the peace and quiet of the country, away from the city highways. Soon he’s swept along by renovations, fundraisers, hell-raisers and the problems of a small town coming back to life. But it’s the park ranger he’s curious about. Why would a girl as beautiful as Alice bury herself in a backwater town so far off the main highway, it was merely a blip on the satellite map?

What he uncovers raises his own ghosts from the dead.

Find out more and where to get your copy here:  Bindarra Creek Romance



I don’t know about you but for me, this year is flying way too fast. So much has been happening and still a lot to do.

My WIP has seen a minor malfunction in the past month, as personal issues took the reins for a time. I’m back on task now and keeping to my schedule to have the draft copy of my Bindarra Creek Romance Novel, Joanie’s Dilemma completed by end of December. Then an edit, CP read and ready for the editor.

In the mean time Book #4 by New Author – Sandi James –  is out NOW.

And hot on her heels is Book #5 – by Kerrie Patterson.  Congratulations Ladies and may you have lots of sales with your new Releases.


To find out where to purchase these stories and the other books in this exciting new series just go to  Bindarra Creek Romance Series










SPRING is here –images (1)




– and it’s my second favourite time of the year! Winter being the first 🙂 So nice to see the new foliage on the trees and watch the local wild-life gorge themselves on the rich nectar of the native flower spikes. The vegie garden gets a turnover and the summer plants sprout.images

I find that at this time of year the days are sunny and fresh, while the nights are still cool enough to be comfortable. I never really look forward to summer Downunder, in my opinion, the hot days tend to go on forever, but that is what so many Aussies and visitors love about the country.

images (2)My current story, of life and love in a small fictional town in country Australia, is set in an area that is known for it’s dreaded droughts and stifling heat-waves. Many of the older style houses were built up off the ground on bearers and joists to allow the air to move below the floor boards, keeping the hose somewhat cool.Glen Innes (23)web Now a days the modern house is more likely to be built on a concrete slab and everyone puts in an air conditioner or a back yard pool to cope with the summer days.

I’m half way through my current WIP, which is set in a fictional, Australian outback country town. Joanies Dilemma is due out June 2016 and is Book #12 in a collaborative collection of stories between 13 authors. I’ve been working on the cover design as well and I feel this image will do nicely, along with several country scenes I have to choose from.


There are 3 books in the series out now and available through popular e-book stores and print availability. You can go here Bindarra Creek Romance Series to see details of each story and purchase details.