Joanie’s Dilemma –  No 1 Best Seller 2016

25/6/16 – Available Now from Amazon  Joanie’s Dilemma is book 12 of the Bindarra Creek Romance Series.

Blurb:  AJoanie's Dilemma MTs far as small town gossip goes, Joanie believes she’s crossed the line. Working out how to pay back her late husband’s gambling debts didn’t include sleeping with her best friend’s cousin on the night of the funeral.
Nash Johnson isn’t the marrying kind, so when he does offer marriage after their one night together, Joanie is suspicious and wants no part in alleviating the man’s guilt. She has to move on with her life and look to the future.
But when a new woman arrives in town, she sets more than a cat among the pigeons. For Joanie, trust takes on a new meaning, but who can she depend on when she feels those close to her have let her down. Can she trust her best friend, can she trust the man who says he loves her?
Then just when she thinks the future is full of promise a surprising complication arises, and nothing prepares her for the life changing consequence she never saw coming.

Joanie’s Dilemma takes place in a small rural/country town in outback Australia. Like many tiny towns, Bindarra Creek is a town on the verge of becoming obsolete, until the government offers a scheme to enrich the township’s coffers, and bring new life back into it’s dying soul.

With the help of 13 authors, this is exactly what this little town need. Love life and romance is once more alive and well in Bindarra Creek.

ABOUT the BOOK: The idea and synopsis for J D came about in 2012-1013 during a time when a great personal challenge was present in my life. I think it amazing where the human mind finds the courage to help us cope and carry on at these dire moments. Whilst spending many hours beside a hospital bed, I felt I needed to write about the emotional turmoil that effects probably 99% of us at some time in our lives. When tragedy strikes, most of us are never well prepared. Perhaps there are even times we might say & do things we would never do otherwise … as Joanie was soon to find out.

Joanie Edwards is caught up in a moment of emotional grief and she deals with that in a most unusual way when she unexpectedly falls into the arms of her best friend’s cousin, Nash Johnson, a guy she has known all her life. Coping with the breakdown of her marriage and subsequently the loss of her husband, Joanie finds that sleeping with Nash on the night of her husband’s funeral conjures up all kinds of issues she never expected, or is not ready to deal with.

What in the world just happened? Nash Johnson is stunned to find a spark had ignited between him and Joanie. And that spark is turning into a flame that threatens to disrupt his carefully ordered life.

Now the two of them wonder if perhaps there were other forces working to bring the two of them together.


Hidden Passions


This is a Short 10K Hot ‘n’ Spicy Story –  Jan 2013 

Published in January 2013 – this short story was written about 5 years previous to publication. HP was fun and evocative in it’s creation. The story sat in my files for about a year. In 2012, E-books were becoming quite popular as were novels of an erotic and more spicy nature. A group of writers from the Erotic Romance group of RWA (Romance Writers of Australia) had approached Momentum  (digital arm of Pan-Macmillan) and proposed a Selection of short erotic stories to be published under the Tittle ‘HOT DOWNUNDER SERIES’.

Hidden Passions was one of those stories picked up by Momentum in August 2012. There are 12 books in the selection all of varying degrees of HEAT content. The heat level for this story is 3/5.  With 5 being ‘very hot’.  

Reader Attention:  **This book contains explicit language and sexual content!


When a guy falls in love with a mate’s girl, there is only one thing he can do … leave town. But when Chad Whittaker receives a frantic call for help from Cally Foster, the woman he loves, he’s on the next plane home to Sydney. But will he get there in time?

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This pack of 4 short stories Includes : Lexxie Couper’s Powerplay – S E Gilchrist’s Paying the Forfeit –  Marianne Theresa’s Hidden Passions – C. T. Green’s Dream Lover