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 It’s 2018 – And another New Year has come upon us and I am still working on my Angel series.

I have done a couple of workshops since I last visited this page. I have reviewed the progress of Books in the series so far and decided to change the order of the angels, making Sherah’s Jungle Book one and Lizzy’s Victory number 2 or three. As I read back through my Manuscripts I felt Sherah is a stronger character than Lizzy, which means more work will be needed to bolster Lizzy’s presence, in my opinion.

So this week I’m back working on the first draft of Sherah’s Jungle and will keep you posted on my progress. But I shall leave you with some images of what’s in store for Sherah in the Jungle. 


The project I’m currently working on is a Spicy Fantasy Series called:  When Angels Fall.

What’s this series about?

Angels of course! But everyone thinks angels have it easy. After all, they have certain powers and privileges that allow them to do anything they like, and whilst on the Earthly Plane, they can go almost anywhere they choose. But not all angels are satisfied with their lot. Throughout the millennium, some angels have been continually searching for that special something or someone that will complete them. And with the span of the vast universe at their wing-tips, how is it possible for them to locate what or who it is they are looking for? What if what they are looking for is not in the same world they once lived before they departed to the heavenly realm?

Lizzy’s Victory  – Editing – is Book #1 in the series and is in its final editing stage. I hope to release Lizzy’s Victory shortly. Everyone who works hard should be rewarded with some kind of Leave from their job – right? Well, Lizzy is an angel who works hard and is really looking forward to her Rec Leave – after all, what angel wouldn’t when it includes having and doing anything with anyone she or he wants, while they are down on the Earthly Plane.

But who wants to spend their time off in a dingy old castle? Not Lizzy, until a disillusioned human male comes walking through the courtyard. Her weekend of abandonment takes on a whole new outlook.

Fun and frivolity are high on an angel’s agenda, though sometimes life’s not as simple as all that.


Book #2 Felicity’s Folly   1/2 Written

Felicity's Folly

Working Cover

Felicity can’t help herself. She flits in and out of everyone’s life and business without a care of what she says or does. To everyone who knows or comes in contact with her, it seems Felicity is one cold, selfish and bossy angel. But it’s a flaw that’s not entirely true as Felicity hides away from a dark past that almost consumes her as she tries hard to cope, getting through each new day – for eternity. Terrified of the shadows from her past, she has become so hopelessly lost that she has no longer has any idea what she is looking for, not until a certain angel shows her exactly what she needs.

This story has an underlying theme of light submission.


Book#3 Sherrah’s Jungle –    3/4 written

Sherrah's Jungle

Working Cover

Sherrah was quite happy with her lot in the universe. She came and went to the Earthly Plane without hassle or fuss, always enjoying her designated Rec Leave. That is until she lands in the Amazon Jungle and where she meets up with a human specimen so gorgeous, he defies belief. Not one to miss an opportunity, Sherrah decides to holiday in the moment, take her share of fun, then get on with where she’s going. But she gets caught up in the deadly fire that surrounds this sexy male and realises she has to help him out.


Book #4 Anna’s Escape

This is the dark story in the series. Beautiful, innocent Anna falls into the clutches of the Dark Angel. I can’t wait to write Anna’s story.

Book #5 Liam’s Light – not written yet

Book #6 Vicky’s secret – not written yet

 Book #7 Heracule’s Harem – not written yet

Book #8 Athelia’s archAngel – not written yet

Book #9 SOMEONE’s Wish – not written yet

Book #10 Lorissa’s SOMETHING – not written yet

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